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Celtic Doors Ltd has vast experience in the supply, installation and maintenance of all types of industrial doors.
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Industrial doors can be seen throughout industrial sites protecting properties from thieves and also giving good vehicular access throughout the day, making it a dual-purpose door.
All of our industrial doors are heavy-duty specification with three-phase direct drive automation to ensure a long life and continuous trouble-free operations.
Standard components of our industrial doors:
Electric Doors-

  • Heavy Duty Steelworks (frames)
  • Wind Lock System
  • Choice of Laths
  • Three-Phase Direct Drives
  • Three-Phase Starter Panels
  • Built in Safety Brake System
  • Cast End-Locks
  • Floating Barrels to Optimise Roll off Position
Optional extras for impulse operation-

  • Safety Sensors
  • Loop Detection
  • Auto Closing
Chain Operated Doors-

  • Heavy Duty steelworks (frames)
  • Wind Lock Systems
  • Choice of Laths
  • Double-Reduction Gears for Effortless Operations
  • Cast End Locks
  • Fully lockable
Steel Doors supplied and fitted by Celtic Doors
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Our doors are built and tested with durability and ease of operation in mind first and foremost. When we design and select components to make up the doors, we ensure that they meet and pass the requirements of the following checklist before we put them into production:

  • 1. Proven Design
  • 2. Proven Safety
  • 3. Durability
  • 4. Fit for Purpose
  • 5. Easy to Operate
  • 6. Easy to Maintain

Celtic Door has enjoyed trouble-free trading with the success of its door designs across the ranges, which has made it a serious contender throughout the different manufacturers who produce industrial doors. Our design has been developed from many years of studying the designs of the different industrial doors on the market, to see what works the best and what doesn’t. We have combined all of the best features and incorporated them into our design as standard to make our industrial door a clear leader in the bespoke industrial door market.

The reliability of our industrial doors is again down to its proven design and with the idea of ‘Built-to-Last’ in mind. Our clients know that Celtic Doors Ltd take the design of the products that we produce and sell very seriously and that everything that we build is fit for purpose and does the job that it was designed to do.

All of our doors are designed with safety in mind and no doors will ever leave our premises before being proven to be safe in its design and purpose. Note that all of our doors will need to be fitted by a competent approved installer to ensure that doors are fitted and commissioned correctly for safe-use.

Our industrial doors are very easy to service and maintain and should be inspected on 6-monthly intervals.

Our Servicing Checklist
  • Visual Inspection
  • Cleaning of Guides and tracks
  • Automation Check
  • Override Check
  • Operational Check
  • Component Check
  • Safety Check
  • Lubricate as Required
  • Service Log Entry
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